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Backup Exec 16 in AWS cloud with agents on local site

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Please help if you can. I currently have an AWS VPC with a bunch of servers. Backup exec 16 is installed on one of those servers and is sucessfully backing up all the other servers in the cloud to an s3 bucket.. Nice!

What I want now is for our backup exec server in the cloud to backup some servers on our local site.

In AWS I have opened the following ports for my local networks public IP only: 10000, 1025-65535, 10082, 10085 and 10102.

I have also opened those same ports on my local site from the AWS backup exec server only. (The backup exec server has a public IP)

I can sucessfully TELNET to port 10000 from local site to AWS backup exec server so I know the ports are open and the server is accessible.

I have also ticked the backup exec network and security setting to allow use of any available network interface, subnets or protocol...

I tried to install the local agent manually on one of my local site servers by entering the public IP of the backup exec server. I enter the use name and password and click ok and after a few minutes I get an error:



Im struggling to work out why the local server agent cannot connect to the remote backup exec server when otherwise the two server can communicate via pinging and telent etc.

Any suggestions would be appreciated, thank you :)


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The remote agent may need to talk to the Backup Exec server on Port 6101 (Inbound as BE server is the listening server for 6101)



Port 10000 and the adjustable range of 1025 - 65535 are in the direction of from BE server to remote agent (so remote agent listening) You can only do telnet tests to port 10000 though as the others only listen when needed. Just want to confirm that this is the direction you did your telnet test in.


Finally I think we would recommend you setup a VPN for this type of setup and don't put your Backup Exec server directly on public IP addresses




Thank you so much for your reply, it has been really helpful. We are currently configuring the VPN too.