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Backup Exec 16 incremental backup too big

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I have a strange behavior in backing up my Vmware Virtual machines.

I make a full backup on Friday night with about 1,5TB.

On Monday night I make a inkremental backup with about 200GB with seams OK.

On Thusday and Wednesday the inkremental backup grows to about 1,3 TB. It looks like the file Server backup is a full backup or fully scanned.

On Thursday the incremental Backup is with about 100GB OK again.

The differences in the Jobprotocol is the line with the deduplication Stats. Where the scanned KB is 1448068263KB the KB sent is about the same.

I have tried to recreate the Job but with no success!



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1) Check that there are no housekeeping jobs, like AV scans, that are running on those days before the backup is taken.

2) Turn off and then turn on CBT for that VM

Thanks for your replay!

I didn't find any job that is running. I will try to reset the CBT in vmware tomorrow.

Thanks Andy