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Backup Exec 16 stuck on one file trying to restore a file server.

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Hello Everyone,

We had a drive fail and now we are restoring the data from the lost server's data drive to another server. The restore seems to be running well overall, it's just that the restore seems to be spending a long time (at least an hour) restoring a single pdf file which isn't but a few MB in size. How long before the restore job automatically skips the file? Can I somehow configure the restore job to skip files for which the restore exceeds a timeout period? 




Need more clarification to be able to answer the query:

1. Where is the target server and how is it connected to the Backup Exec Server (LAN, WAN)
2. What is the source of restore (Disk, Tape, Deduplication Storage)
3. What is the disk throughput on the target server during restore (Disk Queue Length)
4. What is the total size of the data being restored
5. Have you tried to run a restore on some other target server. If not, I would try doing that to check if gives the same throughput

In addition, I would also open a case with Veritas technical support to have a deeper look into this.