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Backup Exec 20.3 USB Speed slowdown

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we have a problem with performance degradation on backup jobs.

We have the BE 20.3 installed on Server 2016, and do backups to a USB 3.0 Disk device.

In the past 12 months this worked fine, backup speed of ~2'000MB/min

Since mid November, the backup speed is causing big issues, the backup starts with ~2'000 MB/min, but then slowly drops and drop and drops, after a few hours we are at 72MB/min and the jobs will never end.

When I do copy 2-3GB sized ISO files in this phase to the USB Backup device, they are copied over with normal speed ~2'000 MB/min, so this is not related directly to the USB device itself, but must be somehting from BE...

We tried with different similar USB 3.0 disks, server reboots, firmware upgrades, but nothing has helped so far...

The USB disks are WD My Passport 25E2 devices, and they are connected to the HP Proliant DL380G9 server with a USB 3.0 cable on a USB 3.0 port


Attached the output of the b2d test utility



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what is part of the backupjob? how many files, folders, ...

because the test you did is the copy of one big file (iso)

did you try to copy a huge amount of files to the disk? is this also performing without performance degradation?



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is windows defender turned on ? if yes, try to disable it or add exclusions of BE program files folder, Backup destination and then test the backup.

Also check over the period of time, has the backup size increased( compare the size of backup job and number of files folders backed up earlier with good performance and now ). If you have a large number of small files then the performance may be lower. Also compare each resource example C drive backup earlier and now, D drive backup earlier and now. It could be that the backup of a particular resource is slow (maybe)

You can also test the same backup on local harddrive and see how that performs compared to the external USB harddrive. maybe due to fragmentation , the performance is lower on the external harddrive. If you have a spare USB harddrive, attach that (after formatting it) and see what performance you get with that.