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Backup Exec 20.4 and SharePoint 2016 GRT Catalog fails



can anyone provide a short step-by-step information, what i need to select within a new created SharePoint 2016 Farm Backup for a GRT Backup job?

Backup of the farm to disk is fine.
But BE 20.4 still fails with a Catalog of the backup data.

The sgmon show some problem within the BE 20.4 release.

       Authorized Tape drive count = -1       Actual Virtual Tape drive drive count = 0       Actual Standalone Tape drive  Count= 0       Actual Robotic Tape drive count = 1
PVLSVR:   [05/13/19 15:00:00] [5108]     [StorageManager::NagLicenseChecking()] SPO is licensed: NO
PVLSVR:   [05/13/19 15:00:00] [5108]     [StorageManager::IsLimitedLicenseConformant()] Detected enclosures: 0 (limit 1)
SIHOST:   [05/13/19 15:00:01] [0000]     onecore\ds\security\umstartup\usermgr\cli\usermgrcli.cxx(165)\usermgrcli.dll!00007FFF806611F6: (caller: 00007FFF889063DF) ReturnHr(1841) tid(26b4) 80070005 Access is denied.
SIHOST:   [05/13/19 15:00:01] [0000]     onecoreuap\base\appmodel\execmodel\modern\lifetimemanager\appxexecutionutil.cpp(41)\modernexecserver.dll!00007FFF889064C0: (caller: 00007FFF889190B5) ReturnHr(1885) tid(26b4) 80070005 Access is denied.
SIHOST:   [05/13/19 15:00:01] [0000]     onecore\ds\security\umstartup\usermgr\cli\usermgrcli.cxx(165)\usermgrcli.dll!00007FFF806611F6: (caller: 00007FFF889063DF) ReturnHr(1842) tid(26b4) 80070005 Access is denied.




You have asked how to define a Sharepoint 2016 GRT backup, but the process is the same as with previous Sharepoint versions;

  • Right-click the Server Farm object and select to Backup to Disk, Dedup, etc
  • Either select all items in the Farm setup or at a minimum, only the Content DBs (as they are the only objects that will generate GRT data)
  • Edit the Backup and in Backup Options - Microsoft Sharepoint, make sure the 'Use Backup Exec Granular Recovery technology(GRT) to enable... ' box is ticked (the Full Backup must be run using this option before any Incr\Diff stage will use that)
  • In Backup Options - Instant GRT, you can either select to 'Enable Instant GRT' which means it carries out a shallow catalog as part of the Backup job or select 'Run a full catalog operation as a seperate job..' either immediately after the job or scheduled after.

Running that job will now backup all data and then catalog that after. If the GRT restore data is not showing for the Content DB after, but the complete data size has been backed up, that implies the Catalog process may have failed in the background, for some reason and it is probably better to rerun the job with the Catalog defined to be run as a separate job, as that may give a better indication of issues. That also allows you to use SGMon with Catalog debugging enabled during that separate Catalog job, to establish the cause, which could be permissions related.




this is the basic setup that worked for our old sharepoint 2013 and 2016 without GRT for the last years.

With BE 20.4 Backup with GRT fails and it´s not clear why (case is open).
I am looking for some details, what has to be modfied in SharePoint 2016 (Farm Config, SiteAdmin, etc....).

All Web Apps have the BE Service account as a Site Admin, but it still fails.



There is no difference in the way the backup will be created except that GRT is enabled in the Sharepoint job properties.  Nothing needs to be done within Sharepoint to prepare for GRT backup.  If you've already been doing non-GRT backups then the credentials used for the job should be sufficient for GRT backup.  If the jobs are now failing, we'd have to see the job log to see how the failure is GRT related.  If you have a support case open then this will be done.