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Backup Exec 20.4 stalling on Vmware Jobs

Have had Backup exec for years. Recently, on 20.4, my GRT Enabled job for VMware stalls in the middle of backing up two particular servers. The issue doesnt occur on Non GRT enabled jobs. Last resolution was to resintall backup exec and recreate all jobs from scratch, and recreate the Deduplication store from scratch. Following that all jobs worked for several weeks and have randomly started the issue. Can I please have some assistance ? If I try and backup the same servers with a new job, the same occurs. The agent has been reinstalled on the virtual machines as well. 



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Re: Backup Exec 20.4 stalling on Vmware Jobs

Hey all,   190725-002150 Just in case there are any veritas employees lurking, I have created a case as above with the debug logs, etc attached. 

Re: Backup Exec 20.4 stalling on Vmware Jobs



So Ive run a debug. And it appears the when the job stalls, there are these access denied errors in the debug log. The current VM that it is stuck on has backed up previous. It seems it have backed it up, and deleted the snapshot now stuck. 


It currently says the directory being backed up is \volume {9165xxxx   this is the same volume regardless of VM that it seems to get stuck on.