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Backup Exec 20.5 now available with SaaS Backup reporting and Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive support

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Introducing Veritas Backup Exec 20.5 with enhanced integration with cloud services

Cloud services are increasingly becoming part of daily operations as organizations look to embrace the benefits of automation, high availability and optimized total cost of ownership that come with storage and collaboration services such as Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive and Microsoft Office 365.

Veritas Saas Backup reporting

Data protection needs are evolving as new SaaS workloads such as Microsoft Office 365, Google G-Suite and Salesforce are being adopted by organizations. Backup Exec integrates with Veritas SaaS Backup to provide visibility across the entire environment with unified reporting to prevent gaps in data protection.


Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive and other new Amazon S3 storage classes

Amazon keeps enhancing their cloud services to provide an optimal match for customer needs for each separate use case. Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive is designed for long-term arching of data, for example as an alternative to tape.

Amazon S3 Intelligent-Tiering is a new S3 storage class that automatically moves data between frequent-access and infrequent-access based on access patterns.

Amazon S3 One Zone-Infrequent Access is another new S3 storage class designed as a lower-cost option for infrequently accessed data such as secondary copy backup data that might not require multiple Availability Zone data resilience.

More details on Amazon S3 storage classes can be found here.

Other key items included in the release

  • Support for new AWS regions
  • Support for new Google Cloud regions
  • Support for the latest Microsoft Windows Server, version 1903

Please see the Backup Exec compatibility list for full details on supported software and hardware

Backup Exec 20.5 Availability

Backup Exec 20.5 is available immediately:

  • Existing Backup Exec 20.x customers can update using the Veritas Download Center (requires authentication)
  • Install and Upgrade media for everyone else can be obtained through the Veritas Download Center (requires authentication) for new installations and upgrades from prior Backup Exec versions
  • Automated Veritas Update for Backup Exec 20.x customers will be available soon

For more information on Backup Exec, including trialware, please visit