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Backup Exec 20 Disk to Disk backup speed issue

Level 0

We've built a Windows Server 2016 server to host our backup exec installation and are currently in our trial period. We are trying to backup data on one of our servers to a NAS or Windows 2012 File Server. We cannot seem to get above 600MB/s on our backup speed. The server to be backed up in this case has just over 600GB of data to backup. Each server and NAS involved are running with either a raid 5 or 6 drive configuration with either 7,200rpm or 10,000rpm drives. Also, the servers each have the following NICs. Any ideas?





Server to be backed up: 10GB NIC

Backup Exec server: 10GB NIC

Target NAS: 10GB NIC

Target File Server 1 GB NIC


Level 6

Are you backing up a ton of tiny files?  They will inherently be much slower than larger files.

I would suggest creating two test backup jobs.

1) backup some data from your desired source server to local disk on the BE server

2) backup some data from the local BE server to your target NAS (or storage server).

These jobs are going to depend upon the speed of the disk system in the BE server, but the goal is to try and determine if you bottleneck is at the source server, or at the NAS target.  By breaking the entire chain into smaller chucks you can try to analyze things.