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Backup Exec 2010 Deduplication

Level 5

Is this scenario possible.

I got Server A windows let's say its an HP and I have a (a. backup of system using dedup) is this possible?. I got Server B and let's say its IBM. Server A crash, can I restore the system using Backup Exec my backup of system using dedup? Is this possible? Can the dedup option backup my whole system? Can someone help me understand it further..cause I believed this is not possible. Unless I got Backup Exec System Recovery in my hand. Any further explanation. thanks


Level 3
The Backup Exec Deduplication Option supports a data-reduction strategy by optimizing storage and network bandwidth. The Deduplication Option supports integrated deduplication at the Backup Exec media server and on remote computers that have the Remote Agent for Windows Systems installed. It also allows data to be deduplicated and stored on intelligent disk devices from Symantec and other vendors.

So Deduplication is a storage procedure only to minimize the disk capacity for backup by analyzing same block.
In your scenario you can use IDR with Deduplication and do the required test or implementation.
If you dont want to go for Symantec system recovery then the obove option id best for you but Symantec system recovery is a nice product for full system recovery and it  will also support dedup may be in next release of patch update as per symantec.
Hope that things are clear for you