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Backup Exec 2010 - E0009B61 (Security Errors)

Hi all, having a bit of a problem with a scheduled nightly backup.

Almost every night, it errors with the following:

This is very strange, as the backup fails 80% of the time, but sometimes it works, and when it works the backup is 100% successful.
I have tried using several different accounts, all with the same issue, below is the resource credential check, which passes.

Thanks in advance for the help! 


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Hi Nick,   Is it failing on

Hi Nick,


Is it failing on the same resource all the time? If so, then check and see if there are any maintenance tasks running that might be conflicting with the job running at the same time. An AV scan might do something like this for instance.

Also check and see if the account isn't perhaps being locked out.


Have you explicitly checked

Have you explicitly checked if the Backup Exec account indeed has appropriate permissions for the resources...and do try recreating the selection list/backup job ..

lastly, if using BE 2010 R3, do ensure a trust has been established..

If you look in the Job Log

If you look in the Job Log and expand it, instead of the Job History that you have posted as an image, you should be able to confirm which resource is causing the problem and also then confirm if it is always the same resource