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Backup Exec 2010 R2 Configuring issue

Few days ago i installed BE 2010 R2 for the first time. I am trying to set it up in existing envoirenment but need some 
assistence and suggestions on this topic. 
There are folowing devices in my environment: one file server, small NAS device,tape drive and machine that should take 
the role of file server in case of failure.
Actions should be performed in this order:
1.Backup from file server to NAS device(full backup on Saturday at 11PM,differential backups Mon - Friday at 11PM) 
2a.Another backup job which should backup same data from file server to tape or
2b.Duplicate previous backup job, second job would be copying backup set from NAS to tape.  
3. Restore backup sets(full and differential) from NAS device to another Windows machine. I would like to schedule restore
jobs to restore full backup to another machine every Saturday after full backup to NAS finish and restore differential
backup sets to another machine every night after Diff backup finish. 
Question 1: How many media sets should I use, and what media sets? I want full backup to be overwritten every Saturday,
diferential daily backups should be kept for 7 days before it may be overwritten.I suppose that is sufficent to create
two media sets(one with 0 days APP and 0 days OWP for full backup, and another one with 7 days APP and 6 days OWP for Diff
erential backups.)
Question 2: Is one backup to disk folder on NAS sufficent? Should I split full and diff backups in two folders?When I backed
up date using full and diff backup to same folder, it created only one backup file. May I split them in separate files?
Question 3: Is scheduling restore jobs such as restoring differential backup set and restoring full backup in
this manner above feasible? 
What would be best practices in similar cases?
I would be very thankful everyone who can help me to get it to work. 
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RE: Backup Exec 2010 R2 Configuring issue

1)   You need as many media sets as you have different retention requirements, so looks like you need 

with both Daily and Weekly overwritten each week,  you could use the same media set with and OPP of 6 days.  You would need another media set for your off-site tapes with an appropriate OPP

IMHO, ALL disk based backups should only be Overwrite, never Append

2)  One B2D device is sufficient with what you have outlined

point 2b.  You can use a policy to do an automatic B2D2T.  Symantec even provides a template that you can modify to do this (see the Admin Guide for Details)

3)  The way that it is currently written, you cannot schedule a restore like this.  The media to be restored from (tape volume or BKF file) must exist in the catalog at the time the Restore Job is created 

What kind of data will you be wanting to copy/restore to the different machine?   if flat file data, you could just use a CMD file with XCOPY or ROBOcopy or equivalent scheduled witn Task Scheduler.  If SQL, you can use  SQL scheduler to copy the data

Ken, thanks on quick answer

Ken, thanks on quick answer ..
1)Ok. I understood that i need to use same media set for both jobs.OPP should be 6 days,what about APP? If i set APP 0
in media set, since it is B2D, what would be with my differential backups? I want to keep different diff daily backup files for 6 days. Will differential bkf file from Monday be overwritten with bkf file on Tuesday? 
Also, will differential backup on Monday overwrite previously made full backup bfk file?
I want to have separate files of full backup and files of Diff backups.
2)Ok. That's clear. I know that there is template for duplicate backup job. I read about it.
3)Yes, you are right. There is no chance to create restore job of something what doesn't exist in that moment.
Actualy, the idea was to have another machine, Spare fileserver, which would have all data same as primary fileserver.
The spare fileserver would be kept updated restoring bkf files from NAS every night.
AS you wrote, using some Task Scheduler that would copy date directly from Primary fileserver to Secondary fileserver will
probably have similar result.
I need to copy some flat file data but also little SQL database,used internaly for one accounting program

RE: Ken, thanks on quick answer

1)    You could use two media sets FULLS and DIFFs, but both would need the 6 day OPP.    Since I recommend NOT using APPEND for any job writing to Disk, the APP would not come into effect

With a 6 day OPP (just in case the job runs past 2400)  the Moday BKF files will not be overwritten until next Monday.  Same for any other DIFF or the Monday FULL

Hi dejanm, Even with B2D

Hi dejanm,

Even with B2D folder also you will not get 6 different files for 6 days backups with a single job.

You can go for a policy with 6 job templates for 6 days differential backups.

With this you can even setup a rotation such that at the time of next overwrite only one backup file will be overwritten, but not all weeks.


Hope this helps...