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Backup Exec 2010 R2 - Jobs changing to "queued" after a period of time

Level 3

My job was running fine then I logged in today and it's changed to status "queued", what would cause this? 

I can see plenty of scratch media for it to pull from.





Level 6

Are all your services up and running?  Do you have any errors in Windows Application or System event logs?  Also, check to see if you have any alerts that need responding to.


Level 3

My only alerts are about a cleaning tape. 

Services are running.


Nothing relevent in Event Viewer. 

Is there anyway I can find out why BE has hung up on the job and gone into "queued", also is this job dead now? Is my only option to cancel (it's a large backup i'd like to avoid that if possible). 


Level 6

If you right click the job does it tell you why it went into the queued state? What is the writer status on the remote server the job is backing up?  at the command prompt enter  vssadmin list writers

Level 3

All the writers state: 

State: [1] Stable
Last error: No error
"If I right click on the job does it tell me why it went into the queued state?" What do you mean exactly? If I right click and go properites it does not appear to give a reason. 
I am going to cancel and re-run the job now.
If there is a way of finding out why this job crashed to "queued" I would like to find out so I can prevent it from happening again (this is a long time consuming backup). 
Thanks :)