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Backup Exec 2010 R2, "Microsoft SQL Server" missing in selection list

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Sorry for my bad English.

2 months ago, I set up a job to backup Local MS SQL server database daily to tape. This job have been run successfully daily during this period.

I suddenly receive a job failed notification today and here is the error massage:

Backup- SVSQL9V-79-57344-65084 - Before you can back up this resource (SERVER_A\SQLDB), you must purchase and install a license key for the appropriate Backup Exec agent.


I guess it would relate to the 60 trial (we bought a license and installed already) so I go to check the license information by Help --> About --> Tools -> License Information: 

Backup Exec for Windows Servers: Licensed (Yes), Installed (Yes), Trial (N/A)

Remote Agent for Windows Systems: Licensed (Yes), Installed (Yes), Trial (Day 1 of 60)


Then Tools --> Install Options and License keys on this Media Server... --> (my license is displayed) --> Next 

When I expand "Licensed agents and options", "Agent for Microsoft SQL Server" is ticked and not allowed to change.


However, I could not find the "Microsoft SQL Server" & "Microsoft SQL Server "BKUPEXEC" in the selection list under All Resources --> SERVER_A which it should be there when I created job previously.


I used Server B, which installed another Backup Exec 2012 R2, check the available backup folder on SERVER_A; there have "Microsoft SQL Server" & "Microsoft SQL Server "BKUPEXEC" in the selection list. (Using same credential to access SERVER_A)


I tried to restart the service on SERVER_A but no luck.

I also read through this forum for similar discussion, but no solution could resolve my problem.


Help from anyone would be much appreciated.




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Uninstall the SQL agent license, and then reinstall it...see if this sorts it out.


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...the other thing. BE 2010 R2 was superceded by BE 2010 R3 which fixed a number of issues with the previous 2 versions. It might be worth your while upgrading to R3 with SP3 and any subsequent patches. You can get the ISO and the latest SP here:


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If you had installed the SQL Agent license then the license info would have said that the SQL Agent is licensed and installed. In your case it would appear that you do not have the SQL Agent license. The options shows the SQL Agent option because you have used it in trial mode and you cannot deselect it. If you had bought a SQL Agent license then you should have the license key. If not, then contact Symantec Licencing to get one