Backup Exec 2010 R3 And FalconStor VTL

Hello All,

I'm trying to add a FalconStor VTL on Backup Exec 2010 R3 Running on a Windows 2008 R2 without SP1. The VTL appears correctly on Windows but when I add it to Backup Exec she is offline and the virtual drives are nammed "MISSING". Even when I bring it online the inventory never finish. I tried with several different models of tape librarie (HP, IBM...) but my problem is always the same ..

Has anyone set up a FalconStor VTL?? ???????

Thanks in advance

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Is this device listed in the

Is this device listed in the BE 2010 HCL ?

Does microsoft recognize the (virtual) tape units correctly in device manager ?

I don't think the device is

I don't think the device is listed.

Why don't you use Backup to Disk insted. It can be configured same as VTL.

It definitely works with Backup Exec

It definitely works with Backup Exec (not sure if supported or not)


I have seen it working with older versions of BE


FalconStor offical site used to have an pdf available for download,

which showed how to configure it with BE from scratch.

FalconStor is a good product

FalconStor is a good product and works with BackupExec.  Though the use case for VTL is dwindling in the marketplace, especially for Windows based backup products.

A couple things...  

1.  You should know this, but just in case you didn't, the VTL license is a god-send for folks that use a VTL.  It costs the same as 3 LEO's.  So now you can create 10-15 or even 25 drives if you need to, for only the cost of that one VTL license.  It's unlimited drives per device!

2.  Have you contacted FalconStor or looked through their documentation?  Usually there is a Generic library driver, and then the tape drives.  Sometimes a manufacturer will provide these drivers.  FalconStor would know best as to which to use.  You may also want to make sure the VTL is configured and running correctly?

3.  Don't listen to the folks that say to use Backup to disk instead.  It is not the same as VTL as someone had alluded to earlier.  (There are benefits to disk, but there are benefits to tape too.)