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Backup Exec 2010 R3: NDMP restores to EMC VNX 5500 do not work


The issue on hand is, that, as the title says, i cannot restore NDMP Backups to a EMC VNX 5500.

I do not get an error Message, the Job simply hangs after loading the Media. I also cannot cancel such a job, if i try, the job hangs with the status "Cancel Pending". The only way to recover from this hanging job is to restart the Backup Exec services, and sometimes i even have to eject the tape from the drive manually.

Sometimes a job completes successful, but nothing is restored. When i check the Job Log of such a job i see the following errormessage: V-79-8192-4881 - The count of Files and Directories processed is not available for this operation. The File and Directory count might be displayed as zero.

All Backups from the VNX5500 are working fine. We also still have an old EMC Cellerra, and if i set that system as a target for redirection, i can restore files that have been backed up from the VNX 5500.

When i try to restore files that have been backed up from the celerra to the VNX 5500, i get the same error V-79-8192-4881 as above, and nothing is restored.

My Backup Exec Version is 2010 R2, fully patched.

The VNX 5500 is conntected via Fibrechannel to the Media Server. The File Software Version of the system is 7.1.47-5

The old Celerra is connected via LAN.

If you need additional Infomation, i will gladly provide it.

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Regarding this exception, pls

Regarding this exception, pls ensure "Enable File History" is checked in the job properties...

Are you restoring over existing files & does a catalog job run successfully ?



...I've seen some posts on

...I've seen some posts on the forum stating that if you do an NDMP backup, you can't restore this to a non-NDMP device. Just trawl through the search option...



Hmm that interesting.   We

Hmm that interesting.


We have a NDMP Netapp issue under investigation where a customer is running 2 Netapp filers, one on a newer version of OnTap than the other. He can backup from both NetApps but can only restore to the one with the older version of OnTap, but can restore the data backup up form either filer, to the on with teh older Ontap version. Kind of matches your symptoms except you have EMC devcie (I assume running versions of DART.)

With the NetApp case we are awaiting an analysis by NetApp themselves (custoemr working with NetApp not directly us) as to what their logs are showing for both the sucessful and unsuccessful restores.


I am aware that i cannot

I am aware that i cannot restore NDMP Data to a non NDMP Device. Its even more severe, you also can't restore NDMP Data to a NDMP Device of another manufacturer. I would like to pass on NDMP Backups, but backups using the network shares of those devices are just too slow.

Im my case, both the VNX5500 and the Celerra are backed up via NDMP.

"Enable File History" is checked on all NDMP Backup-Jobs that i have. I did not try to overwrite an existing file. I am running a catalog on the Media containing the affected file now, but can this really be an issue, since i was able to restore the file to another NDMP Device?


EDIT: The Catalog Job ran fine. Afterwards i tried a restore, it did not get stuck, i again got the V-79-8192-4881 Exception, and nothing was restored.