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Backup Exec 2010 R3 - duplicate backup from tape to disk

Level 2

I would like to copy existing backups which are currently on physical tape to a disk folder (CIFS share), without doing a restore. The tape has created at Site A, and then physically shipped to Site B, where want to do the copy.

Can I use the duplicate job task to create a job to duplicate the backup existing backup sets on physical tape to a disk folder destination? When I try, the wizard seems to force me to select a physical tape as the destination - how can I avoid this?

Alternatively, is there another way I can easily dump the contents of the backup tape to a disk folder, without doing a restore - i just want to get the backup data onto disk.

thanks for any and all advice



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Duplicate jobs are based on the catalogs generated by the original job. 

When you take a backup at Site A the catalogs are on the media server of Site A so only tapes are 

shipped to Site B and not the catalogs hence you are not able to run a duplicate job at Site B.

You may try to run a catalog job on tapes at Site B and then run the duplicate job wizard ( I am not

100% sure, may be someone else can comment on this stratergy)


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Duplicate job allows you select either disk or tape...Are you attempting the dupe job per this KB -

Also, when duplicating to disk, ensure a B2D folder is already created before the job...

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The tape has created at Site A, and then physically shipped to Site B, where want to do the copy


This is possible, but would require a fully functional media server at site B,  

You would inventory and catalog the tapes, and then create a DUPLICATE job there (no way to automate this without some SERIOUS scripting, tho)

Level 2

thanks to all for the responses - I get from them that:

1. duplicate from tape to disk is possible

2. destination must be created as a B2D target beforehand

Note that this is a CASO environment. There is a backup server in Site A and a media server, with tape drive attached in Site B.