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Backup Exec 2010 R3

Does this software come with the AOFO option as a standard feature now? (I remember in previous releases, it was a paid for option).  If it is included now, can you provide a reference on Symantecs website for the info? (I couldn't by the life of me find the information)

If it does, I'll have a follow up question in regards to the differences between the open file backup options (as I noticed quite a few are there).


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AOFO is free since BE 12 (I

AOFO is free since BE 12 (I think).  I am not aware of any documentation that says so, but it is common knowledge.

Turns out I talked to

Turns out I talked to Symantec Technical Support as I could not get it to work.  It is a paid "option" as it were.

 It is a paid "option" as it

 It is a paid "option" as it were.

This is definitely not true.  We did not pay for it for a few releases.

Interesting.  I will try it

Interesting.  I will try it and see what happens.  I've been told it will fail.  Was 2010 an upgrade from a previous version in which you were paying for AOFO?

No.  As I said, AOFO has been

No.  As I said, AOFO has been free for a couple of releases.

If you have any problems with AOFO, you should post it as another discussion and we can take a look at it.

BUE Agent for Windows

BUE Agent for Windows System2010 now includes AOFO.

You may also check this link:

Based on experience with

Based on experience with BE2010 so far, the AOFO definately free. However, we do notice that if we do a push install from BE media server, we will have the option to install AOFO + BE remote agent. If we install directly (run BE binary CD or RAWS folder from BE media server), we will only have the BE remote agent option to install.

Anyway, both methods will not have any impact turning on AOFO when setup Backup job