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Backup Exec 2010 Unix Agent


I'm concerned about using the Unix remote agent; I mean does it include the Open File feature? I´ve a scenadio on which customer uses Oracle on Unix, through a SAN, so even whan I know NBU can do a great job, I don't want just to quit BEWS 2010, whithout tracking this... Once I used this Remote Agent on a case with Baan, and it work perfectly. Doe's anybody know haw efficient is this new agent?
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If you want to Backup Oracle

If you want to Backup Oracle on Unix - you would need the Unix Remote Agent installed and then enable the Oracle Agent License against it which I believe will then use RMAN on the Unix system so will not require open file capability itself.

You do need to be on a supported version of Unix though so would suggest you review the software compatibility list (SCL)

BTW the RALUS agent for Unix and Linux does NOT provi Open File Capability.