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Backup Exec 2010 - VTL/media/empty slots problem

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Hello everyone,

I recently inherited a system in which Backup Exec 2010 is used to backup servers to VTL storage service provided by ISP.

BE has a single VTL (recognized as IBM ULT3583-TL) with a single device (recognized as IBM ULT3580-TD4). There are (were) two slots occupied by two virtual tapes.

Ever since I started administering the system BE jobs have been constantly asking for a new overwritable media which means that the scheduled jobs never worked properly and that I inherited the problem (old events and history were removed).

I tried to do a couple of things but the only way for me to get the BE to finish the job was to erase one of the tapes (which would put it to 'scratch’ media).

Now, one of the key points here is that I'm totally new to VTL and with no experience in handling such devices and media.

And the problem got worse.

In my desperate attempts to troubleshoot the issue I somehow managed (probably by exporting media) to end up with empty slots and therefore no online media available for backups.

I’ve tried Inventory and Scan a number of times but with no result.

When I try to Import media into one of the slots it keeps asking me to insert media into portal and I have no idea how to proceed.

(I’ve called our ISP to at least get an idea how this was configured initialy but their answer was that everything was OK at their end and that they do not support BE).

Can someone please tell me how to populate the two slots with the media?

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Level 6

You just need to run Inventory on the library to recognized all the tapes which you have in your library . But make sure you have tapes in the slots and the inventory job goes successful. 

Refer the followign document to get better understanding about media mangement

Once you configure correct media set , and set the job accordingly to overwrite ot append the backup should works fine.