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Backup Exec 2010 Will Not Back Up

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I am having an issue with Backup Exec 2010 running on Windows Small Business Server 2008. We have been having so much trouble backing up the customers data. It will fail for various reasons, overwrite is not permitted despite the tape having been manually erased and associated w/ scratch media, Disaster Bit failing to update, appending to media not allowed and the strange thing is a full backup test on a few directories with reset DR Bit and all works, but with the actual full Backup Job that fails(as far as I can tell same parameters besides the directories for backing up). It has been an ongoing issue of which we have not been able to get a permanent fix for. We can sporadically get a good backup and incrementals seem to be working fairly well but as of today we have not been able to get a good full backup for almost 2 months. I am at my wits end here, I have tried erasing the tape manually, associating it w/ scratch media, altering what is backed up, using different tapes. Their server crashed last year and they lost all of their email and the backups we did previously are non-restorable for some reason(this was before my time with this company). I am still working on the issue but it is not improving. Anyone have any experience with this or any suggestions on how to fix it?


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Get hold of the drive manufacturer's diagnostic utility. HP, for instance, have HP Library and Tape Tools.

The diagnostic utility can then be run against the drive after stopping the BE services to ensure you don't have a hardware issue.

If you're also not on BE 2010 R3 with SP4, and have to stay on BE 2010 and can't upgrade to BE 15, then download BE 2010 R3 and install it too. It uses the same licenses.