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Backup Exec 2010 on 100m Files

Any one has used the Backup Exec 2010 to back up over 100m files? Should a few files fail to backup, is the whole backup process stop?

Thanks & Good w/e

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How does 6TB of jpeg's

How does 6TB of jpeg's ranging from 100KB-600KB in size work for you?

These were spread across three 2TB LUN's on a Windows powered NAS (HP StorageWorks server)

That said, BE cannot do it natively well unless you want a backup window measured in days to a week...  You have two options.  both pretty ugly but workable.


1.  BackupExec System Recovery.  It takes a block level backup of the disk, so it'll be faster.  But it's a separate product with no integration to BackupExec.  So you'll have to manage this as a one-off backup, and script in the advanced functions a post-command to call BackupExec to backup your recovery point.

2.  Use Storage Foundation with FlashSnap, which does integrate with BackupExec, but it's also sold as a separate product.  It will create a mirror snapshot, but backup the partition as a RAW volume, ignoring the filesystem.  But still give you the ability to restore individual files.  You will have to double your storage!  Also since it's a RAW partition backup, if you had a 10TB volume, with only 6TB consumed, your backup will be 10TB.  So you need to better manage your disk and growth strategy.