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Backup Exec 2010 (with SBS) planning questions

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I'm in the process of consolidating a company's servers down to 3 total servers from 5 (2 of those 3 are brand new). Here's my setup: - 1 SBS 2008r2 server - 1 Win 2k8r2 server (with SQL 2k8 server & Dynamics GP 2010) - 1 Win 2k3r2 server (utility server with tape drive, currently running BE 9) I've worked with BE and SBS in the past, so I'm aware of the licensing needs. I'll need an SBS license, 2 agent licenses, and probably an SQL license for the GP server. My questions: 1. I've always been fuzzy on this. On the GP server (Win 2k8r2) with SQL 2008, do I need to licenses for it? One for just BE, and one to cover the SQL portion, or do I just need the SQL one that will pick up the rest of the server? 2. In regards to the SBS server. I would like to run my backups from the Utility server (as it is now). Can I purchase the new version of BE and purchase an agent license for the SBS server, or do I absolutely have to buy and install the full SBS BE version on the actual SBS server. That should do it for now. Thanks in advance for any help! Erik

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I can only answer question 1, If you purchase an SQL agent it will include a 'normal' agent so you can backup the rest of the server as well.

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1)  For Server2, you will need one RAWS (Remote Agent for Windows Systems) and one SQL agent (to be installed on the media server #3

2)  with SBS, the least expensive way would be to purchase the appropriate BackupExec  SBS license, connect the tape device to it, and get RAWS serials for the other two systems, plus one SQL license

If you stay with the idea of Server3 being your media server, you would need

1 base license
1 SQL license for #2
1 Agent each for whatever Databases are running on the SBS server (SQL, Exchange, Sharepoint, etc)

(The RAWS licenses are included in the database licenses)

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Here's what you need:

1 license for BE SBS 2010 - this includes 1 SQL, 1 Exchange and 75 Desktop Laptop Options
2 Remote Agent (Agent for Windows System) - for 2 other servers (Windows 2008 and Windows 2003)


1 BE Windows Server License - for the Windows 2008 Server
2 Remote Agents (Agent for Windows Systems) - for two other server (Windows SBS 2008 and Windows 2003)
1 SQL license

buying license will be depending on your network set up.

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@erik - I am sure you are throughly confused by now wink.  Here is a document that may help you.

You should also talk to either Symantec Sales or your reseller because cost is an important consideration.

On the technical side, just remember

1) what zerocool said, i.e, the SQL licence comes bundled with a RAWS licence so for your Server 2, you only need to buy a SQL licence to backup both the SQL database and the server itself.

2) what Ken said about backing up your SBS server.