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Backup Exec 2010 won´t find tape device

Hello, I have a 2008 server with sp2 X64. Have installed the backup exec 2010 in trial mode. Tape device is a HP DLT 448 ultrium. I have tried installed different drivers and i have got it to be listed under devices but under media the tape icon has a red mark over it. is there any problem with symantec tape drivers on x64 2008? After Reboot the system drops the tape and then suddenly it can find it again.

Best regards
John Vånemo

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Hello,, The TAPe Drives are


The TAPe Drives are displayed in Device Manager:

Perform the following steps
1  : Go to TOOLS-->Devices TAB
2  : Right Click on the Drive and Delete the same.
3  : Restart BE Services...

Hope this helps....

Different Drivers


Could be driver issues themselves - I had similar issues with out PowrVaulr 114T under Server 2003 x86 R2 using anything newer than the OEM quantum drivers with BE 12.5.  You may have luck completely uninstalling the tape drive and reinstalling using older or newer drivers - u might also try calling Symantec to ask of they have recommended drivers for your setup.

RE: Backup Exec 2010 won´t find tape device

Well according to the SCl, both SCSI and SAS versions of this drive are supported

Try uninstalling the drive from, within Backup Exec, then install using the manufacturer's drivers.

then run the Hardware wizard again, and if it finds it, tell BackupExec to use existing drvers

...also be advised that there

...also be advised that there is a new driver package available from the Symantec support site for BEWS 2010...might be worth checking out!

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