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Backup Exec 2010R2 agents upgrade

Hi All,

I've just successfully install BE 2010 R2, i wonder if i should upgrade the agents in all o my systems (Exchange, SHarePoint, SQL Server or Domain Controllers) for it to work properly ?

from the what's new the R2 only affecting SharePoint server 2010, while mine is 2007 do i still have to upgrade it ?
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The BE 2010 R2 agents are

Apart from Sharepoint 2010, I expect that the BE 2010 R2 agents to contain all the fixes/improvements that are in BE 2010 R2.  They are different from the BE 2010 agents.  You should upgrade them.  Note that you have to re-boot your servers after they are upgraded.

Hi Albert, You can check the

Hi Albert,

You can check the below article which tells you what are the enhancement in 2010 R2

The agents are backward compatible with the BE but it is always better to have the agents upgraded to the same version as off BE server.

Before going to upgrade

Refer the KB of Enhancements and issues addressed in this release notes for Backup Exec 2010 R2

Yes Albert, you'll need to

Yes Albert, you'll need to upgrade it by deploying it automatically or manually, preferably during the weekend since it will requires system restart.