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Backup Exec 2010R3 B2D setup with Synolygy NAS Local and on remote site

Hi There


I have a customer that is running a B2D setup where BE2010 backup is running to a local Synology 212+ NAS, then it runs a duplicate job to a Synology 212+ on a remote site. It seems there are a few problems with this setup (i didn't make the initial setup/configuration of this solution). The remote Synology seems to get full after a while + when i compare the local Synology contains IMG files as well as B2D files, the remote doesn't - I think thats odd.

I know the first setup of this "replicating" solution was made byt replicating the Synology's with Synology's own sync solution, but that didn't work very well, so thats why the dupe job was created instead.

The backup job are defined as follows:

Mon-thue, BE runs a Diferential Job.
Fri, BE runs Full Job
both configured for Overwrite

13 Days Overwrite protection (customer keeps backup for 14 Days) = 2 Full backups + 10 Diferential Backups.

When i look the Backup-to-disk folders for Local and Remote Synology, they are defined in the same way (except for IP and local folder name Smiley Happy:

Maximum size for backup-to-disk files: 1500 Gb
Maximum number of backup sets per backup-to-disk file: 100
Concurrent jobs for backup-to-disk folder: 1

(see attachment)

The above configutation doesn't follow the article "Backup-to-Disk Best Practices" (TECH164267) recommendations, could this be the problem ?

I would think the Max Size should be 4 Gb (default) and Max number of sets should be 14 (since customer needs 14 days of backup), but i might be wrong ?

Any ideas to get this to working optimal, are welcome.


Kind Regards


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What files do you see in the

What files do you see in the remote B2D ?

Is the remote B2D using the same media set as for the original backups or a different one ? If different, what are the OPP, APP settings ?

Lastly, under Tools - Options - Media Management, the protection level should ideally be set to "Partial" and the option to overwrite recyclable media before scratch media should be chosen.



It would be better to reduce the size from 1500GB to a lower size. Its not necessary it should be 4GB..You may test with different sizes before deciding the optimal one.

You should leave the max

You should leave the max number of backup sets at 100.  This number is the maximum number of backup sets per .bkf file.

The max size would depend on how big each backup set is.  If your backup is 100GB, then using 4GB as the max size would result in a lot of small files and would fragment your disk.

@VJware: On the Remote i see

On the Remote i see .bkf files on local i see IMG folders + .bkf files - Strange thing: Even though both are set to use hardware compression i available, the .bkf files differ in size - On Local Full .bkf is 223 Gb on Remote 266 Gb - I think thats very strange.......... Could the whole thing be misconfigured so wrong ?

They are using diferent media sets, but both configured the same way OOP=13 Days, App=None/Infinite - Allow Append.

Media Management settings are set the way You recommend.

I'll think I'll wait before adjusting the size (looking @ post from pkh).

The backup job is apx. 260-300 Gb for the full backup and typical 80-130 Gb for Dif. backup files.

As mentioned: Very strange with the diference in sizes on local and remote....

Kind Regards

You might want to set your

You might want to set your max size to 50GB.

I'll consider adjusting the

I'll consider adjusting the size. I'm thinking of trying rsync again - That was configured in the first place, but at some point in time is screwed up - Very likely be because of the large file sizes. 4 Gb would be a more likely size, if using rsync i guess. The large files probertly screwed up the Synologys. I would introduce fragmentation, but would also save time in replicating instead of running dupe job. Kind Regards Kim

I would suggest you to check

I would suggest you to check the backup exec hardware compatibility list and confirm if device is supported with backup exec and for can even try running full backup job directly to remote b2d to see if that is creating IMG folders there in order to isolate the issue ...

@MusSeth The remote NAS is


The remote NAS is running a duplicate job of the job that runs to the local NAS, i would think that the result should be the same. Only thing is 2 different media sets, but as mentioned, they are configured the same way.


Kind Regards

Would not recommend Rsync but

Would not recommend Rsync but would prefer duplicate using Backup Exec. Have a look @ this KB as to why ~

Right kim it would do the

Right kim it would do the same with duplicate job however I suggested same as to isolate issue...if issue is with duplicate backup job as it is not creating imgs or its the destination device if even backup job is not able to do so.. than we can look into other settings...could u please tell me which synology nas (model) you have....

Hello Kim,   I would request

Hello Kim,


I would request you to check the hardware compatibility list, Synology devices are not supported with backup exec this could be one of the reason,

backup exec 2010 HCL :

however you can still update your backup exec to latest service pack or hotfix and than retry with the backup job

Backup Exec 2010 R3 revision 5204 Service Pack 3


You already asked the user

You already asked the user earlier to check the HCL.  Why are you repeating yourself?

Sorry for the late reply.

Sorry for the late reply. I've tried to connect a normal external USB harddrive at the Customer. See attachemnts for info on B2D settings + Media Set settings. Ran full backup. I get both IMG and B2D files, is that the way it should be ?

By setting max backup sets to 14 = 14 Jobs before overwrite - Is that correct ?

Kind Regards

...taken straight from the TN

...taken straight from the TN below:

Displays the maximum number of backup sets to be written to each backup-to-disk file in this folder. The maximum number can range from 1 to 8192. The default is 100.

Fewer backup sets in a backup-to-disk file may allow the overwrite protection period to expire sooner, and disk space to be reclaimed faster.