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Backup Exec 2012 代理或选件的选择


本人有一客户备份和恢复项目,项目需求如下:有15台Windows Server 2003的服务器上分别跑有SQL Server数据库软件,客户网络上同时配有一个DELL的存储设备,现在要求采用Backup Exec 2012对这些服务器和存储上的系统和数据进行备份,我计划采用一台高容量的服务器并配有磁带机,进行备份。我必需选择哪些agent和option,来实现这个需求?


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Hi   You would need apart



You would need apart from Base license of BE 2012 ,you would need 15 SQL agent license if you need to backup SQL on all 15 server ,else if you just have want to protect the server with no application as like SQL then need to have remote agent licenses



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