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Backup Exec 2012 AVVI (VMware) vs RAWS (+ Dedupe vs Synthetic)!


Sorry for the long title... I am trying to work out what the best plan of attack is regarding some of my servers...

We have approximately 100 VMware virtual machines that require backing up and approximately 30 physical servers using GRT.

In terms of actual amount of RAW data I believe it is somewhere around the 12TB mark... This 12TB figure is dominated by a few file servers which each have approximately 1-2TB of data to backup each.

2 of these are virtual and another 3 are physical (Eventually they will all be virtual servers).

What I am trying to understand is basically how I can get these to fit in my backup windows...

The daily differentials or incrementals that occur will not be a problem with any method, as both AVVI using CBT and RAWS (Treating as a physical) will be able to quickly locate and send changes. Synthetic will use incrementals too...

What I am concerned about is (If using AVVI etc...) the weekly full backup. If I go with dedupe (Which I already have) I imagine its still going to take a lot of time to "read" the VM - it may not write much if it already exists in dedupe but it will still do a complete read...

The same argument with RAWS I guess...

I am just wondering if Synthetic is the solution here? The issue being of course no dedupe (I will need a huge amount of disk storage on the Backup Exec Media server...

Does anyone have any real world advice/speed indications?


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Synthetic is menat only for

Synthetic is menat only for File server backup and cannot be used for databases!!

Click here to know about synthetic backup or refer to the admin guide section.


see if this helps,  as dedupe can handle multiple streams, you may split the job to more than one weekly job and run it simultaneoulsy. (this would need system performance to be good enough to handle multiple stream of backup)