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Backup Exec 2012 Capacity based terabyte licensing

I just saw the BE2012 licensing and i am confused in terabyte licensing that, is Deduplication include in this licensing model ? or If we have Capacity based terabyte licensing model and we want to Dedup our data so we need to purchase seperate license for Deduplication Option ?

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The publically available

The publically available licensing guide in the support site, lists no limitations when going capacity based.  It states that you get all features based on xTB's of front-end capacity.

Front-end capacity is based on a single full of your ENTIRE environment.  What ever that value is, that is the number you license.  


Thanks teiva, It means all

Thanks teiva,

It means all agents and options are included in Backup Exec 2012 capacity based licensing Including Deduplication, DLO etc.





There is no DLO in BE 2012.

There is no DLO in BE 2012.  DLO 7 is now a separate product.


I´m confuse with the capacity

I´m confuse with the capacity Edition. In the Licensing Guide say "The capacity model simplifies how customers manage their backup enviroment by basing licenses on the amount of data to be protected (front-end data)" in other words the front-end data is calculate from the amount of data to be backing up or the total amount data of the customers data center or the amount of data place in the backup media.





Hi    It is quite simple



It is quite simple actually. Before capacity edition you had to get agents for every server and database. That was often a problem if you  had multiple applicatin servers as you had to licsense every derver with the appropreate agent. With capacity edition the only thing you have to calculate is the size of the data that you want to backup. All the agents are included in the capacity model so you do not need to specify lets say 3 Sql servers , 2 exchange  etc. Now all you need to know is the amount of data you need to backup. It really simplifies licsensing.