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Backup Exec 2012 Data Expiration Date

We are running BE2012 on Windows Server 2003. Based on backing up to harddrives, my backup sets are all set to expire in 5 days. There are numerous backup records that have the backup sets where the System State, Shadow Copy Components, and one of my data drives, have an expiration date of 1/18/2038! Why is this happening and what setting should I verify to correct the issue?


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Hi,   That's either a bug or



That's either a bug or your OPP/Append settings on those media sets are incorrect. Make sure those settings are correct, and if so, make sure the media server is patched with SP1a (can't be uninstalled after installing it!) and any subsequent patches.

If the server is fully patched, then I'd suggest logging a call with Symantec over this.



You may be facing this known

You may be facing this known issue ~


Does this document applies to

Does this document applies to harddrives which are what the user is using?


Yes & No. This does not apply

Yes & No. This does not apply to harddisks, however many a customer mentions RDX cartridges as harddisks & hence the KB.

And if he is indeed using hard disks, then per the KB, need to look at the job log & verify if the correct expiration date is showing or not.


Thanks for all the

Thanks for all the consideration. I've been working on the suggested actions.

I ran a LiveUpdate and it updated our software to SP1a (not identified as such, but as Version 14.0 Rev. 1798 (32 bit)

I read the remaining suggestions and couldn't seem to get any real satisfaction.

I went to the individual harddrives in the backup software and accessed the "backup sets".

There were many "phantom" listings with dates going back as far as February 2006. The strange thing is that this set of drives and software was NEVER used that long ago. These backup drives were only installed about 6 months ago. We increased the size to 1TB each (SAS), based on backup size. Our server only goes back to May of 2005!

I deleted every instance of what I'm referring to as the "phantom" backup sets and we are now down to ONLY backups that have the "disc" status and reasonable expiration dates.

I'll watch the backups and see how things progress.

Thanks for your personal interest in my problem.