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Backup Exec 2012 Exchange on disk


I set up a backup in Backup Exce 2012 in order to make et GRT backup of Exc hange 2007, the media is a folder.

My edb file is about 30go however my backup file is about 60go. (I activated software compression)

Could you please tell me how I can reduce the size of the backup.


Thanks a lot

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Hello SysCo,

How many Exchange databases are present in your Exchange environment? How many databases are selected for backups?

If you have selected completed Information store then all the Exchange databases will be selected.

Also check the Job log to see what all has been backed up in that backup job. Job log will also show the byte count of each resource which will help to trace the extra 30 GB that you are talking about.



You can't...unless you're

You can't...unless you're doing some sort of Exchange maintenance (deleting old mailboxes; compressing the Information Store etc), not even a DIFF/INCR backup will help. The first backup will always be a FULL, and 30GB won't be enough.

You can look at adding more disk space to the server (external USB drive; more internal disks), or increasing the size of the B2D if possible.


How long had it been since

How long had it been since your last backup? 

The EDB file is not the only item that is backed up during an exchange backup.  We also backup the logs and some of the Exchange files, so if it had been a while since your last backup you may have had a lot of logs that needed to be truncated.

Hello, thanks for those

Hello, thanks for those informations. The backup is sucessful each night.

We backup the public folder and the mailbox database.

For each job there is 2 entry in the job History :

Job type : Backup -> 33go (seems reasonable)

Jop type : Catalog -> 65.5go


What is the second entry ?


Thanks for your help

...if you're not using

...if you're not using detailed logging, it might be worth your while turning it on for 1 night's backup run. Check the size of the backups then on a per-file basis.

But it could be the Information Store and maybe logs etc.

Actually I lokked at the

Actually I lokked at the space used on the drive and it seems ok but I dont understand what is the first line in the joined pictures where it says Byte Count 65.9GB


Has someone an idea ?

...does that byte count for

...does that byte count for the catalog job increase after each backup? How many days retention are you keeping for that Exchange backup?

My theory is that this is simply a catalog job that runs after your backup and "counts" the size of the files making up the various catalogs within your B2D...

Catalog job for Exchange backup with GRT enabled

When Backup Exec 2012 runs a full backup of an Exchange database with GRT enabled, a separate catalog job is automatically created and run after the full backup completes, in order to collect detailed granular item information for search and restore purposes. This is the catalog entry you are seeing in Job History.

While the backup job shows the byte count for the actual database backup, the catalog job byte count reflects the combined size of each granular item (mail messages, etc.) that was read while traversing the database contents. Since Exchange employs single instance storage for items within the database, it is entirely possible for the combined size of the items in the database to be greater than the overall size of the database itself. So it is perfectly normal for the byte count reflected in that granular catalog job to be greater than the byte count of the database backup.