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Backup Exec 2012 - Failure to Browse


I am getting a failure to browse error on 2 of my servers after 2 days of successful jobs.

I have check the log as permissions, the account sed is a domain admin + backup operator

Please help!

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See if this applies -

See if this applies -

The link is not valid

The link is not valid

Some questions


1) What machines are you getting "failure to browse"? Whether they are windows machines or any other machines.

2) Whether you are trying to browse any specific application like Oracle, Exchange , MSSQL or simply an NTFS file system or any file system?

3) What is the exact error message displayed on the media server when you try to browse and it fails?

4) Did you check and verify if BackupExec Services on those two machines are up and running , also the services present on the media server?

Go to the servers, start up

Go to the servers, start up the BE agent utility and check that it is publishing correctly to the media server.

Hi Jayramk 1. These are

Hi Jayramk

1. These are windows machines

2. Just the NTFS system

3. Invalid credentials - But the credentials havent changed and all other windows servers can be browsed using the same credentials - Tried to add a new credentials for those 2 servers also. I got the same error

4. Yes all services running


Also i have tried to unistalled/reinstalled the agent.

It is published. Butwhen

It is published. Butwhen trying to trust the server again. The agent gave me an invalid credential error.

Try uninstalling the agent

Try uninstalling the agent and then push out the agent again.

Done. Agent push is

Done. Agent push is successful, but when browsing I am getting the same error.

Try establishing the trust

Try establishing the trust from the media server side.  RIght-click on the server and select trust.

Getting credential error.

Getting credential error.

Check that the BESA that you

debug RAWS

Can put the remote agent in debug mode and post the log here.


1. Stop the Remote agent service on problem machine

2. go to properties of the service. In 'start parameters' box type  -debug and click on the Start button.

3. then from the Backup server try to browse the windows server again.

4. once you get credentials error, collect the log file from problem server & post it here.

The location of the log file is C:\program files\symantec\backup exec\raws\logs folder. check the timestamp to identify log file.



NOTE: Got the "Failure to

NOTE: Got the "Failure to Browse" error in BE2012 on the credential test for my Exchange 2010 DAG.  The system logon account I had been using now failed.  Then I remembered I had made a change to the DAG by removing a remote mailbox server.  After restoring the remote server back into the DAG, the credential test on the system logon account was successful again.  I do not know the reason why changing the DAG server membership would affect the system logon credential test.