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Backup Exec 2012 Nirvanix replacement

I have a client that recently spent quite a bit of money in Backup Exec licensing and hardware with the intent to do short term data storage to a local Exagrid while offloading long term storage to Symantec's cloud vendor Nirvanix.  This licensing was purchased at the beginning of September.  We have migrated backups over to the new hardware with short term backups to Exagrids, however Nirvanix has apparently since went out of business. 

The little i can find on symantec's forums is that Symantec is "looking into other options" however this is going back to early October.  Has Symantec found a solution for this going forward?  My client just invested well over 100k in software, hardware, and consulting to get this new backup system implemented and us not having an option for them cannot be the answer.

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We have just added support

We have just added support for Quantum Q-Cloud devices and updated the Hardware Compatibility List for BE 2012 to this effect.

However as this appears to be a device and not a service, then identification of a service provider hosting the devices may still be needed.

Thanks Colin, I dont believe

Thanks Colin, I dont believe this is what we need as it appears that like you said this is device which would have to replace the Exagrids already purchased.  Is there any update as to what the official Nirvanix replacement might be ?  I am hoping that Symantec will have another provider that will allow for OST intergration as Nirvanix did.

I am not aware of another

I am not aware of another cloud service provider for BE currently, however it is likely that tech support will only be made aware once we actually have something confirmed.

Thanks Colin, Do you have

Thanks Colin, Do you have any idea who I could escallate this to tha might know before tech support ? I appreciate your help with this!

To be honest not sure, you'd

To be honest not sure, you'd probably have to engage someone in sales  or pre-sales (so either ask via a partner, or speak to our customer care team to ask if someone from sales / pre-sales could get in touch with you)



Reading this

It appears the Quantum have some setup called Quantum Accent  which allows an OST Plugin on the Backup Exec server to write directly to the Q-Cloud. (Option 3/ Figure 3 in the document)

As this material comes from Quantum I suspect you might have to contact them for more details of the setup.