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Backup Exec 2012 OST Usage Report

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Hi all,

I use BE2012 with a Dell DR4000 OST Device and that device is now approaching the used capacity limit. The problem is that this appliance is a kind of black box and there is no way to know directly the reason : poor deduplication rate, old retained backups...

The Storage tab on the backup exec console does not give much information, nothing concerning dedup rate or used disk space.

I've found some powershell command related to tape devices, but nothing concerning OST devices.

Is there a way to troubleshoot that and have a better reporting of OST disk space usage ?

Thanks a lot.


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...have you checked to see if there are any canned reports within BE to show this utilisation?

If not, it might be better to look at a third-party application, and I can PM the name of the 1 we used to you if you want.


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I've found nothing useful in the reports, that's why I wanted to look for powershell commands.

Don't hesitate to send me a PM with the name of your solution.


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How a Dedup "black box," works is usually in conjunction with a certified backup app like BackupExec here.

Data is written to the box, it's deduped one way or another, and stored on disk.

What happens here when using a certified backup application, and an append or overwrite retention period is set, the box will understand that and respect it.

So usually the box will have a maintenance window or clean-up task.  This task, looks through the data sent to it, to see what the retention periods are, and what was marked for delettion, and go ahead and clean up the segments/blocks of data that are marked for removal.  Eventually free'ing up space.

Note, deleting data or erasing media, typically does NOT erase anything on the box immediately, free'ing up space.  the space is still consumed until the maintenance task runs.


So you need to look into your box, how to initiate the maintenance tasks ad-hoc rather than the default scehdule.


(I'll also note, my explanantion also applies to Symantec's Dedupe, Commvault, etc.)

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CraigV, can you send me the name of the third-party application you use because I'm in the same trouble of DR4000 storage than bert_seloger. Please.