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Backup Exec 2012 System Logon Acct Password Unknown

We recently had a changing of the guard if you will at my place of employement. A previous network administrator created the System Logon Account using his username/password. After updating the AD account I noticed that I still was not able to log into his account. Then did some research and learned that as it turns out these accounts do not actually sync w/ AD. So I followed this guide to try and change the account. I went in and tried using "Replace" to change the credentials used by servers all to no avail. So, I trudged along and manually changed all the credentials on all the servers. Went back into "Credentials" to delete the System Logon Account so I could reassign it and was given a different list of "Back Up Jobs" that supposidly use his previous credentials. However upon further examination the noted jobs appear to be jobs that no longer exist or on servers that no longer exist. How do I go about removing his credentials from these jobs when they don't exist and the "Replace" feature only errors out? Or is there an easier way to delete his account so I can create a new "System Logon Account"? All this is to esentially get back ups to work on a few remote servers that we are unable to install the Agent on, but need to back up the Shares. I'm assuming this uses the System Logon Account since when I tell it to use my other credentials it just errors out, however the account works fine on servers w/ the agent installed, and worked in the past when the previous admins credentials were valid.


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Try going using BEutility to

Try going using BEutility to change the logon account information. go to :\Program Files\Symantec\BackupExec  open up BEUtility.exe  right-click your server name and choose the option to change the service account details. BEutility will restart the services 

It could be orphaned entries

It could be orphaned entries in the BEDB.  Use BEUtility to repair the BEDB.

Thanks for the tip Imosla but

Thanks for the tip Imosla but that was also one of the first things I did. This changed which user started the local services but does not allow me to enter the "System Logon Account" within Backup Exec Manager's
"Credentials" tab. Also thanks for the tip pkh I'll have to give that a go.

TLDR: Alright so here is a


Alright so here is a little update after climbing the ranks through Symantec technical support I finally had a gentleman who was able to assist me. So let me clarify the symptoms and what we did to resolve. I was attempting to backup server shares from my servers that did NOT have the RAWS client installed for various reasons. These backups were failing when those w/ the RAWS client were completing using the exact same credentials. My hypothesis was as follows: My associate was dismissed from the company and used his personal credentials to install BE and they were used for the "System Logon Account". I had a feeling that even though I had specified the new credentials for the shares it was still attempting to use the old System Logon Account. This was garnered from Security Audit Logs in the Event Viewer on the target machine and DC (later confirmed by the tech). So in attempts to delete and re-assign the System Logon account I was unable to do so as it would prompt me for my associates old password. Backup Exec does not sync w/ AD and did not pull in his credentials that I had updated in AD, so I was unable to gain access to and update the System Logon Account with valid credentials. The solution is to logon to the Media Server w/ my associates credentials and BE will not prompt for credentials to update the System Logon Account as his AD account is the owner. Update the System Logon Account with valid credentials of a 3rd party user and voila it works.


Two Accounts used:

(Domain\Associate) = Old Associates Account

(Domain\Backup)= Newly created backup account

Problem: Unable to backup remote shares (on server w/o RAWS) as it defaults to using System Logon Account (Domain\Associate) not the specified credentials (Domain\Backup). Unable to modify System Logon Account as I was not the owner and the previous owner was no longer employed here. Attempts to visit Credential Manager and modify the System Logon Account while authenticated to the box as myself unsuccesful due to unknown credentials.

Fix: Modified old associates credentials (Domain\Associate) in AD. Log onto the Media Server w/ old associates account. Symantec does not prompt for System Logon Account credentials since old associate was the account owner and currently logged into machine thus bypassing the password prompt in BE and allowing me to update System Logon Account info. Update the System Logon Account with new valid credentials and voila everything started working again.

P.S. Tried pkh's tip of repairing the DB, unfourtunately that didn't do anything for me either.


Thanks for the help!

Re: TLDR:Alright so here is a

Changing the AD password of the System Logon Account owner and then logging into the server with that account worked for me - didn't ask for the password, just as you described.  And I was able to update the password :).

Thanks a ton for sharing!  Last time I had a similar issue I had to start over from scratch (unfortunately, this would not have helped that situation...)