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Backup Exec 2012 VMware Backup Execption

Hi All ,

When Backup VMware Agent, all Backups finish with exception, and into the log i see only information

A snapshot operation required by this job was unsuccessful. Check the job log and the Windows Event Viewer for additional information.

I need Help i don't see any information about this issue with Vmware Agent and Backup Exec 2012.


Nuno Grave

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Would you post the complete

Would you post the complete job log (including the info from the job history tab)

Hi VJware See attach

Hi VJware

See attach files.


Edit the properties of the

Edit the properties of the backup job & choose the Advanced Open File Option on the left side..Ensure that it is checked & Use Microsoft Software Shadow Copy Provider is selected.

And are there any non-windows machines in the backup selections ?



Since this is vmware backups

Since this is vmware backups BE communicate with your vcenter using vstorage API from vmware.

Using the API, BE tells vcenter to take a consistent snapshot of the virtual machine prior backup this to ensure consistency. When a consistent snapshot is taken, VSS-writers within the virtual machine makes the IO pause for a while during the snapshot procedure.

If vcenter are not able to do a consistent snapshot of the virtual machine, this is reported back to BE and you se an error about the snapshot errors.

Was not able to open the joblogs on my Macbook but it seems like this is the issue. If so, you should se a number of quisce-errors in the events log in Vcenter for the different virtual machines with this problem.

For the virtual machines with quisce errors;

- Install vmware tools if not installed.

- Instal BE remote agent (this will replace vmware tools VSS, must be done after vmware tools install)

- Reboot virtual machine (because of the VSS replacement)


This usually resolves the problem with "unable to quisce".

What is version of ESXI

What is version of ESXI ?

Because some security related issue Esxi 5.1 is not supported with Backup Exec 2012

Check below article for Vmware Compatibility

Symantec release beta version which will support ESXi 5.1. you can download beta version from below link and check vmware backup  - Subscibe to get the BETA version.