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Backup Exec 2012 and 2014 job summary report/properties...

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I have seen a couple of posts about this in the ideas section, but I am seriosuly surprised at the lack of votes they've been getting. As neither of the original posts are tagged with Backup Exec 2014, I thought I'd create this post to try and stir up a bit more activity on this.

This is regarding the loss of the job properties option that you used to be able to get in Backup Exec 2010 and earlier:

Right-clicking on a job used to show you an option for "Properties" in the context menu. If you sleected this (even on a running job!) you were shown a fantastic XML report, containing the entire settings for the job. This included everything from the selection list to the credentials, GRT settings, transport, the lot. It made documenting jobs and change management reporting an absolute pleasure with Backup Exec.

However, this functionality was lost, along with the baby and the bathwater, in 2012 and still hasn't made it back into 2014.

As a Symantec partner and a consultant who installs and administers multiple Cackup Exec systems, documenting jobs has gone from taking seconds (copy and paste!) to hours, trawling through configuration screens and taking screen dumps!

Symantec Backup Exec Product Team... Please put this functionality back into the product!

I haven't created a new idea post for this, as one already exists, albeit for BEWS 2012. Please can people go and vote this post up, otherwise the product team will not hear us and won't fix this calamatous loss from the product: