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Backup Exec 2012 backup to NAS Failed

Hi all,

I have just upgraded my system from 2010 R3 to 2012.

On the previous version I didn't have any problem with backuping to the NAS.

Now when I try to backup to the same NAS at the same location I get the following error:

"The job failed with the following error: This operation requires a backup-to-disk folder on an NTFS volume on the Backup Exec server."

None of the job settings was changes.

After a quick search in the forum I encountered a few discussion that mention disabling GRT.

I do not want to disable it and if it worked on the previous version it should also work on a newer one.

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Are you backing up exchange

Are you backing up exchange Server ? 


This error appears on

This error appears on Exchange server,SQL server and file server.

If you see in the second workaround the solution is to upgrade the backup exec which I have done from 2010 to 2012

Use this KB article & check

Use this KB article & check what is the location set for the backup staging -

P.S/ - The previously mentioned article's second workaround talks about upgrading to BE 2010 R2 from prev. versions, however it does not mention upgrade to BE 2012 *


Regarding the link as you can

Regarding the link as you can see it's only for temporary files not the backup itself.

and regarding the previous guide is stand to reason that if upgrading to BE 2010 should work upgrading to BE 2012 should work as well