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Backup Exec 2012 bare metal recover to different hardware

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Im currently attempting to get a bare metal restore of our SBS 2008 server to a new server as a test. I ran the backup from the original server to a locall attached USB drive. When it comes to booting the new server from the DR media it can see the backup set and itentifies the drives:



System State

D:\ Backup Set 1

D:\ Backup Set 2

D:\ Backup Set 3

D:\ Backup Set 4


I then select which storage devices containes backup data for this computer - which is the USB external drive and its shown within the device, Disk storage 0001 G:\BEData

If I then try to select next I get an error - The media for some of the backup sets could not be found in the selected storage devices. Add another disk storage device that contains the media required to restore the backup sets.

There was only 1 2TB external drive used in the backup, why does it think there are more?



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Were you performing differential or incremental backups and changing the USB drives between the backups?


I know you stated 1 USB drive, but just trying to confirm if you meant one for the date you are interested in and had missed the chain back to the previous full on earlier dates with different USB disks

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Thanks for your reply. I was performing a FULL bare metal backup (single instance). What I have noticed is that there are historical backup sets in the backup sets history for this server, is this whats causing the problem? This server is no longer backed up using backup exec apart from this one bare metal backup I am trying to do.

All I want is a one time bare metal backup to which I can then perform a bare metal restore with all the data.