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Backup Exec 2012 download and install!!!

Hello Everyone, recently I purchased backup exc V.12, I received a email from symantec giving me a serial number and a website "" I went to the website, entered my serial number and it displays the product that i purchased, once i click on the device i purchased, I get the following instructions:

Important Instructions for Downloading Backup Exec™ 2012:
All Backup Exec 2012 product files and components are listed below. In order to obtain the complete Backup Exec 2012 image, download the following files to the same directory:

After downloading the files, combine them by double-clicking The files will be combined to form the full DVD image. Use a DVD authoring tool to burn the ISO to a physical DVD which you can use to install the product.


after downloading all 3 files, i rund the cmd file and i get the following error:

Windows cannot open this folder

The compressed (zipped) folder 'C:\Users\administrator\desktop\backup exec\' is invalid.

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You either download the files

You either download the files again and join them, or better still go to, click on the trailware section and download the entire installation DVD.  You do not have to join the DVD from the site.


Just before

Just before re-downloading:

The compressed (zipped) folder 'C:\Users\administrator\desktop\backup exec\' is invalid.

The file name that used to combine other two should be .zip.cmd. If it is not, try to redownload that single file, if it comes again in the same extentions, rename it to and try.


Note: If you intend to push

Note: If you intend to push install remote agents, you must use the combined 32 and 64-bit full product installation download (see above).

I renamed is zip.cmd and and still get the same message.


Hi About the remote agent


About the remote agent question of yours to do install remote agent on 32 or 64 bit backup exec agent directory contains the installation files for both media ,So in tyour case as per your media server if you download required ISO only like if it is 32 bit media server then download only Backup exec 2012 sp1 32 bit which would be around 1.4gb ISO and if it is 64 bit media server then download only Backup exec 2012 sp1 64 bit which would be around 1.4 gb

Once you download as per your Media server requirement then install it and you should be able to install remote agent on any server type whether it is 32 or 64 bit as both the above ISO contain remote agent install file 

So please download the file from link below enter user name and password for symantec and you will see7 different download option so please download the required file as proposed in the line above ( Have attached the snap for you with red marking pointing download one of the file either 32 or 64 bit)

BE 2012 Installer -

BE 2012 SBS Installer -

Hope that helps