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Backup Exec 2012 "destination same as source" frustration

Level 4

So over the weekend and for the second time, my new disk storage unit failed. Frustrating enough on its own. So as with last time, I went through all my backup jobs and reset the storage for the disk copy to the old disk storage unit. I had done this before in December and again in January when the new disk unit came back "fixed" the first time. The last 2 times, this worked perfectly and it started backing up using the old, then the new device.

But not this time. This time, all the duplication jobs failed with: "The job failed with the following error: The destination device that is selected is the same as the data source device. Select another destination device for this operation."

Yup. But the source should be the old disk unit as none of the backups are done directly to tape. And the destination is the tape library. So the error is bogus.And because Backup Exec 2012 took out the ability to edit the selection lists for duplication jobs, the only way around this is to kill all 20 of my backup jobs and re-create them. Frustration upon frustration. This version is so stupid. It eats my time like crazy. And I still wish I hadn't upgraded. So hoping 2013 is way way better.

A very frustrated user.