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Backup Exec 2012 - where to find manuals, videos and trainings.

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Let me add this video related to disaster recovery testing (re-installation of BE2012 server using SDR:


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Budget approved to replace Back-up Exec and all things Symantic!

After 12.5 versions and x number of owners, you would think BE could backup data from a local disk to an attached tape drive more then twice in a row without errors.   (I know, it was all hardware!  Don't have to hear it anymore tech support!!!!)

I am free!





sigh  :)



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Hello Swathi,

I tried to reply you beautiful and helpful thread. ut i just had to give a vote instead since i did not see the reply icon.

Hi Altimate,

Thank you for the video it was really helpful.

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Hello Hwegener,

What exact problems did you face with Symantec products.

Is it possible to specify the products you had issues with?

Thank you.

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Hello Dears,



check atatched usefull links for backup exec 2012




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Thanks. Can you please also post some detailed documentation about BEMCLI with code examples relating to PowerShell specially for the users who used BEMCMD in previous releases.

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There is a BEMCLI shortcut list It has 7 docs at the moment, but I am adding to it as I find things people are trying to do.

The best way to get examples is using get-help cmdlet -example

each BEMCLI cmdlet has use examples.

To get a list of available commands run get-becommand. This will list all 223 cmdlets which is a little much to proccess. Luckily get-becommand supports wildcards.

To see all the cmdlets that have backup in them:

BEMCLI>get-becommand *backup*


Once you find a cmdlet you want to see examples for use get-help:

BEMCLI> get-help New-BEBackupDefinition -Examples


    Creates a new backup definition in Backup Exec.

    -------------------------- EXAMPLE 1 --------------------------

    C:\PS> Get-BEAgentServer -Local | New-BEBackupDefinition -BackupJobDefault BackupToDisk | Save-BEBackupDefinition

    These commands create a new backup definition that backs up the entire local computer using the BackupToDisk defaults.
    -------------------------- EXAMPLE 2 --------------------------

    C:\PS> Get-BEAgentServer -Local | New-BEBackupDefinition -BackupJobDefault BackupToDisk -FileSystemSelection C:\Windows\*,D:\* -SystemStateSelection Include | Save-BEBackupDefinition

    These commands create a new backup definition that backs up the C:\Windows directory, the D: drive, and the System State of the local computer.
    -------------------------- EXAMPLE 3 --------------------------

    C:\PS> Get-BEAgentServer -Local | New-BEBackupDefinition -BackupJobDefault BackupToDisk | Remove-BEBackupTask * | Add-BEDifferentialBackupTask | Save-BEBackupDefinition

    These commands create a new backup definition that backs up the local computer with an initial full and a differential backup.


Get-help also has additional switchs that will give you even more info about the selected cmdlet.

to see how to use get-help:

BEMCLI> get-help get-help

Was there some thing in particular you could use an example for?

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It's helpful for all.....


- vicky

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Could you provide an example of a command line that would be run on a managed server to launch a job that was created on the CASO?  BE-GetJob does not list any of these jobs...

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How did Kirk get into the picture?  I believe those are my articles that you are referring to.

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Buenos días.

¿Tenemos algo en el idioma español?

Muchas gracias

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I've came here to get the manual or train on 2012.

The fact I have to do this should tell you that as far as making your product easier to use, you failed.

I've never read a manual in the decade plus I've been using BEW and I've backed up, restored, incrementally, full server recoveries and entire bit.

That means it was easy to use.  Nothing beats the tree list check box for simplicity in backup or restoring.

IF I could get corporate not to buy another copy of BEW I would.  At least then I'd have gotten some good out of this poor decision to revamp the internface.

You need to slap yourself in the face instead of patting yoruselves on the back on this product.  You took a fine, easily used, never need to read the manual interface and ruined it imho.

...before we get to your not having any sort of actual manual that I can download, print off or read on a smartphone.  I click on the manual link and it sends me to your knowledge base search engine... really...

Get back to simplicity and fire whoever thought this was a good idea.

...and I'll waste hours of my time overcoming your "improved" product.

Thanks for absolutely failing to make it easier to use.

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Curmudgeon, I'm in the Backup Exec Product Management team. I will contact you direct to see if we can better understand and help you overcome your frustrations