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Backup Exec 2012 will not back up anything New?

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Sorry for you frustrations

Sorry for you frustrations Linas.. Would you mind being a little more descriptive of your issue.

Hi Linus , Please

Hi Linus ,

Please explain? 

Are you using full and incremental jobs?  Do you get any errors?  Is this just one job or all jobs? Did it backup correctly up until now? mean like vSphere 5.1 mean like vSphere 5.1 and Windows Server 2012? This is a known issue for months now that Symantec have been addressing...check the Beta page below:



I just spent the last week

I just spent the last week working with tech support and I am starting to realize Backup exec wont backup anything new

I had this annoying backup exception on every job 12.1.1101.401.105\bin64\smclu\setup\smcinst.exe is not present

Well this alerted me to the fact that the new SEP in not getting installed on this server

Well that started a new case to install that took 3 weeks anyway so great I have the new Version of sep on the server but I am still getting the exception that these 12.1.1101 files are missing and I get on every job full or incremental? So open new case it turns out those files were there when I created the backup job so they were selected and it will continue trying to backup those files until I remove them from the selection I guess this is OK but then I asked the Tech what about new files

And the tech told me they will not get backed up until I select them so in other words I have to create a new backup every time files change of get added to the disk drive

To me this is Ludacris this is not right I want a backup of the system whatever is in the drive at the time of backup not what was on the drive 1, 2 or 3 years ago

So you upgrade your server new software new updates and so on you get a disk crash so you try to restore and that’s when you find you can’t because all the new programs and updates were never backed up ?

If this is really true I will start my search for a new backup solution rite now

To me this is unacceptable backup model

...You'd have to select the

...You'd have to select the root folder which should get around this. If you selected individual sub-folders and if anything was added then they wouldn't be automatically added in your backup.

If you're getting exceptions, it normally means AOFO isn't selected for the job, or that some application was incorrectly removed, with BE "thinking" that a file/s still exists when it doesn't.


So I guess it’s true unless

So I guess it’s true unless you deselect all files and reselect the root when you create a backup job
And what’s wrong with AOFO doesn’t it scan what is to get backed up it seems like it does 30 to 60 minutes thinking about the backup before it starts backing up?
And what was AOFO agene?
Another forgotten option
With support they told me about Simplified Disaster Recovery option you have to turn off and them on for it to work otherwise it’s off even though it shows it’s on?

Can you please confirm

Can you please confirm procedure to make sure backup will always backup everything new files and folders
1 create a new backup job schedule and save
2 edit the backup job deselect files and folders you want to backup and select the root of the drive
Or the server I want to backup

Please confirm I want to make sure I get reliable backups until a replacement for backup exec comes in

Advanced Open File Option is

Advanced Open File Option is VERY much a part of BE 2012...where do you get the idea from that it was been forgotten?

AOFO has nothing to do with scanning any files...a file system/application is quiesced with VSS, and AOFO in turn backs up open files...that's all it does.

For your other questions:

Select the root folder...this should in turn ensure that any new files/folders created under it are automatically selected for backups. You can test this yourself to make sure it works.

Please confirm what as well? I never selected individual files/folders on the basis that if anything new was added it wouldn't be in a backup. Chances were good that if something needed to be restored, I wouldn't be able too. This actually happened on 1 of my sites and I couldn't restore data as someone had messed with the selection list making changes to what I had done (needless to say access was removed across all my sites!).


I couldn’t remember what AOFO

I couldn’t remember what AOFO ment
Still confused on what to select
I have a server to backup
Under backup Selections

The server name
System State

If I deselect the server name and select c: and System State
Simplified Disaster Recovery is off
If I deselect all and select the server name then Simplified Disaster Recovery is On?
I don’t know what to select you say the root folder
To me the root is c:
But it’s not a folder?
Should I select the server?

For BE, C: represent the root

For BE, C: represent the root directory of the C: drive, i.e. C:\.

If you are not sure what to select, just select the server and then deselect any databases, like SQL database and Exchange.

AOF = Advanced Opened Files.  You need to enable this to backup opened files. Edit your job and check the item circled in red.

BE 2012 - Turn off AOF.png