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Backup Exec 2012


I`am having problems with adding a new VMwareserver trough central administration console.

The server has already been in the list but was discarded, and there are no current jobs or anything related to it.

Currently I`am using BackupExecServer V14.0 Rev. 1798 (64-bit).

This is an error generated when trying to finish the process.

The system is patched up to date.

What could be causing the problem?

Thank you, Martin


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Martin: This error would be


This error would be generated when adding a server which is already present in Backup Exec server list.

Can you please verify if the VMWare server which you are trying to add is not shown in view where all added Servers are listed (in Backup and Restore tab)?





No the server is not listed

No the server is not listed there, but is in the dbo.ResourceContainer.

In a meantime i`ve came upon another issue while triyng to edit VW-machines and credentials for created backup job, the aplication then crashed suddenly...also pointing to dbo.ResourceContainer.

Martin: It appears the


It appears the previously added server still has entries in the Backup Exec database. I would suggest to log a formal support case for getting the orphaned server entry removed from the database.





I`ve tried to sign up for

I`ve tried to sign up for support but it denies my registration since we do not have an official support we are just trying the app and are using trial version....

Do you have many backup jobs

Do you have many backup jobs created for various servers? My question is related with the solution which is to reload the Backup Exec database from base. Using this solution it would require to create all the backup jobs, settings etc.

More info in the following link: