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Backup Exec 2014 - Active - Discovering Resources

Hey all,


I'm taking over for another IT guy, and he had scheduled jobs set to back up our servers once per week.

The automatic jobs failed, and I tried re-running them, but I'm stuck on Active - Discovering resources.

I've tried holding all jobs and running them one by one, but I'm not seeing any data getting backed up. I saw another post about running the Backup Exec utility, but the steps linked in that article are for a different version.

I'm running on Server2008 R2, the other servers are either 2008R2, 2003, or Redhat. My storage isn't full, and the server itself is pretty responsive. 

Should I repair the database from the Util? Or does anyone have other suggestions for this issue?


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Re: Backup Exec 2014 - Active - Discovering Resources

Hello Rich,

    What is the version of Backup Exec in use? Also have you tried to restart all BE services and then check the result?

After restarting all BE services check if all the storage devices are online.




Re: Backup Exec 2014 - Active - Discovering Resources

The backup status showing discovering resources means that BE is trying to read the backup selections that are selected to be backed up. Since you are running multiple Backup jobs, the question arises if you are seeing this status on all the Backup Jobs.

I would recommend to cancel Jobs -> Stop and Start BE services. Then edit the Backup Job and confirm if you are able to browse the selection list. Make sure the credential test pass. Submit the Backup Job and check again if the backup now goes into Resource Discovering state. Please also not which Job and what is it backing up ? That way , you can narrow down and get to the bottom of the Issue you are running into on this setup