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Backup Exec 2014 Blueprints - Performance Tuning

Level 1

Dear BE Comunity Team,

I need to know the basic workflow to setup backup to tape policy with below requirement

Tape Loader 8 Slot 1 drive

Number of Tape available 16 LTO 6 6 TB Compreesed mode

Total Data Capacity to backup 17,6 TB


Policy definition 

Monthly full backup  with 17 Week  retention 

Each Job expected to consume 4 Tape 

After each job Complected the concerned Tape must be ejected from Library and store offsite 




  i need assistance to setup strategy using Tape Librarry having 8 slot  with 1 Drive using 16 LTO 6 media , in order to perfrom monthly Full backup using 4 tape only for each job with 9 week retention  ,after job completed i need to know on how to identify thoese media in order to eject them and save them away from production site

basically i need to know what the work

iam not expert with Backup Exec but i have basic knowlege , 


Thanking you in advance for your support 



Level 5