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Backup Exec 2014 Cant create job

Level 4


At my wits end with 2014 already.

I have installed and uninstalled the software so many times in the last 2 days its untrue and still it wont work.

To begin with it installed ok - I had 2 server listed (both the same server) and i could create storgae and a job.

However the job never ran it would just sit there queued.

The services would never stop they would get stuck in stopping state so had to kill the processes manually to try and run repairs/uninstalls.


Reinstalled umpteen times but still no job would run - just queued.

Removed last night again, manually removed all files and folders that the uninstaller left over (prog Files, SQL Instance folder and ProgData)


Reinstalled 3 times since now all with the same problem.,...


Installation completes...but as soon as the console fires up i Have 1 server listed (the only server i have in the building!!!) And next to it it says "Connection Not Established"

I cant create a job or anything.

I right click and Establish Connection but it does jack.

Services still dont stop properly do have to kill each process in Task Manager.

Ran database repair and that compelted successfullybut doesnt change anything.

Services and Backup Exec system account is using the domain admin account.

When i try to add a server and add the IP of the server in it starts a job to install the agent but gets to 5% and then gets stuck at Initializing and says Stalled.

Then this error will flash up on the screen every time i try to establish a connection

"Communication with the server timed out on the call 'RetryResourceContainerConnection"

1 single server - 2012R2 domain controller

I have the trial version installed at the minute as my order has been delayed from the supplier so i cant call support as they will say i dont have any (although i can provide the order invoice to show its on order but delayed from the supplier)

Please help me....Its a brand new domain for a brand new client and i cannot backup anything.


Level 6


Is there any antivirus running?  If there is it may be interfering and so try again with the AV disabled