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Backup Exec 2014 - Duplicating Synthetic Backups

I also posted this over on Spiceworks, but figured I'd post it here too in hopes of expediting a solution.  I just upgraded from 2010 to 2014 SP1, and while everything appears to be OK for the most part, I did run into a situation with my Synthetic backups.

In 2010 I had a policy template set up to run an Incremental daily, then a synthetic weekly and a synthetic monthly.  The monthly synthetic superseded the weekly synthetic, and then I had duplication to tape jobs set to trigger upon completion of the weekly/monthly synthetic.  The duplication job used a different media set depending on whether a weekly or monthly synthetic had been run.

BE 2010 Synthetic Policy.JPG

After upgrading to BE 2014, all the synthetic jobs appeared to come through (the weekly and the monthly), but when I edit the backup definition only the weekly synthetic and weekly duplication jobs are not shown.  I kind of get the impression that what I'm did (or at least the way I did it) are not supported in 2014?  I'm looking for some insight on how I can duplicate my synthetic jobs to a weekly media set the first 3-4 weeks of each month, and then have them duplicate to a monthly media set the last week of each month.  If duplication jobs could supersede each other it would be easy, but apparently they cannot.

Here's what I see in BE 2014:

BE 2014 Synthetic Jobs.JPG

BE 2014 Synthetic Backup Definition.JPG

What am I missing?  Thanks in advance.