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Backup Exec 2014 Jobs and changing the Storage assigned to the job

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Hello, Is it possible to bulk change existing jobs storage name?

I know you can edit the single job and \Edit the storage and change here.

Problem we have is a new backup library was installed as the prior one had a fault. As result the storage name as backup exec sees it is different. I though I could go into "STORAGE" and rename the reduntant backup library which failed from HPMSL640 to HPMSL640_OLD which took the change. Then I was going to re-name my new library from "ROBOTIC LIBRARY 001" which was a default name to PMSL640 . I though this would work, but when I navigated back to Job Monitor, I saw all the jobs get re-assigned to the old libary which does not work EG was HPMSL640 and it auto changed them to HPMSL640_OLD . I wanted the jobs to stay as HPMSL640.

So going  back to the issue, I have all these jobs and all referring to the incorrect storage, is there a global way to change these on Backup Exec? 


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