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Backup Exec 2014 Symantec Bad Support Experience in Sydney

Has anyone experience the same as me regarding the lack of support during Sydney Australia moring session for Backup Exec 2014? I tried to call Symantec again this morning at 9:06am a case that has been drag on for a whiles but the Symantec call system keep drop me off the call when the services desk tried to transfer me to U.S. support team. I got drop off 4 times and finally the services desk transfer me to a duty manager and ask me to wait for another hours for India team to come online as US team unwilling to take on call as they are about to finish of their day in an hour. He also advise if I spoke to them the maximum is 1 hour support time.  I have even worst experience on weekend support but don't worth to mention in here. I have no one I can escalate this issues and would like some feedback from Australia and New zeland customer if they have experience the same issues?

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Sorry to hear about your poor

Sorry to hear about your poor support experience. Would you pls provide me the case number. Additionally, i would urge you have a look at the following doc which explains the escalation process -

How can Symantec address the

How can Symantec address the support resources issues and how will this issues be escalate and follow up by Symantec?