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Backup Exec 2014 - Unable to See Individual Mailboxes When selecting mailboxes

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We are having problems with backup exec 2014 - it is unable to see any individual mailboxes when selecting the mail server to backup the databases. I can restore the individual mailbox AFTER a backup snapshot has been taken place but not before, it shows nothing. Login seems fine after running the verification and restoring seems fine as I can see the mailboxes, just not before. Is their any reason why I can't see this and anyone have a idea how I can fix this so I can see the mailboxes to select them individual for backups.

Exchange is 2013, server is 2008 R2 for backup exec and 2012 for Exchange server.


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Are you using Advanced Open File Option during your backups? If so, turn it off and then try again.

Have you also tried to duplicate your backups to disk if you're using tape?

This is what I am seeing. We are using tape drives - creating a new job, same result when trying to view the individual backups BEFORE I create and run the job.

I need to be able to fix this so I can create a backup job to backup certain mailboxes, not the entire database.

Even if I de-selected advanced open file, same problem as below in the screenshot.



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What you are experiencing is to be expected.  You cannot select individual mailboxes to back up.  You have to backup the entire Information Store and then you can select individual mailboxes to restore.